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Each conference was governed by a body consisting of all the clergy members assigned within its geographical area; an equal number of lay members are now elected to each annual conference.The geographical conferences were sub-divided into districts, and each district was composed of circuits (many churches over a wide area), charges (two or three churches in a smaller area), and station churches (a single congregation).In 1940, the church added jurisdictional conferences, which are regional groups of conferences that meet once every four years and are responsible for electing and assigning bishops.Early History of Methodism in Arkansas Officially, Methodism came to what is now Arkansas around 1815, when the Tennessee Conference established the Spring River Circuit in its Arkansas District and began appointing preachers to ride it.Indian mission work in the state and in neighboring Indian Nations remained a part of the Arkansas Conference until 1844.Other Methodist Denominations The Methodist Episcopal Church in America suffered its first schism in 1816, when a free black man named Richard Allen led a group of African Americans in establishing the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Philadelphia.Tahiry gotta feel some type of way about this couple cause this is a major upgrade for Joey...

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At that time, the church had nearly 15,000 members.

Reverend John Henry Sr., who is said to have preached the first Methodist sermon in Little Rock (Pulaski County) as his party traveled toward their destination, led the congregation.

The log chapel built at Ozan may have been the first Methodist church building in the state.

A few years later, another black Methodist denomination was founded, the African Methodist Episcopal, Zion (AMEZ).

Both AME and AMEZ churches are still active in Arkansas.

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