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I’ve been on this planet for more than three decades now, and I’ve learned a lot about being a straight feminist woman post-puberty in romantic relationships.

Importantly, I’ve learned that there are some generally solid ways to figure out if the guy you’re dating is worth the long-term emotional, material, and financial investment that relationships require.

” and then compared it to how those same users responded to “Do you prefer to pursue a potential partner, or for them to pursue you?

” where the answer options were “I’d rather pursue,” “I’d rather be pursued,” and “I prefer a little of both.” The results showed that fewer than 1% of all straight women, whether feminist or not, prefer to do the pursuing — and in fact (by a small margin) straight women who responded “yes” to identifying as feminist are actually less likely to want to exclusively be the pursuant than those who responded “no” or “to an extent.”Why might this be? Feminism means different things to different people, which might explain why a Vox poll from 2015 found that, while 85% of those surveyed believed in “equality for women,” only 18% considered themselves feminist.

Feminism at its core is anti-motherhood and anti-matrimony.

If you want to avoid heartache, arguments, cuckoldry, a sexless marriage, and/or divorce, do not waste your heart on a Feminist.

Check the American stats: most people have non-marital sex and most children are born out of wedlock. Why would a man buy milk when the cows believe they are “empowered” by giving away free milk every weekend?

More and more daters have begun to self-identify as feminists — and want their dates to do the same.It takes careful parenting and moral awareness to escape adolescence without the taint of Feminism.So if you want to be Marriage lasts for decades and it is not always easy.Describe a recent situation or issue that involves discrimination that bothers or concerns you, and watch how he weighs in.If there are red flags, he’ll make those clear for you. There’s no perfect list for uncovering all shadiness, but this should be pretty good in discerning if a person is worth your time.All it takes is being intentional, thoughtful, and, most importantly, willing to let go.

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