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Counsel was conditions and earnings are entirely un- ~ .... They believe it to be the highest duty of a Republican congress, to ever fully m.aintain the integrity and value of our national currency. The wreckage will not ; be cleared away for several days, and all ore from here will be shipped over the Soo line, via Pembine to Glad- stone. ;- le proportions and a long march i for today and thousands of visitors i own party and defaming the fair back to base through the mud, the state! mile^ and part of them participated in ^^^- Bates, accompanied by his per- , ., « . Lord Strathcona, the Canadian high commissioner and Lady Strath- cona, a number of diplomats; Lady and Miss Paunceforte: Lord and Lady Cromer; and Sir Clinton Dawkins. — Official advices show that the Japanese fleet is in the harbor of Ma San Pho (south of Corea). It is accepted as practically settled i that Russia will not evacuate of Manchuria, Oct. The Russian ambassador I to Japan, Baron De Rosen, having plen- i ary powers, is now negotiating with I the foreign minister at Tokio and there Is reason to believe that the possible j b;isis of a solution of the difficulty, j having some prospect of adoption, in Russia conceding Japan a foothold in Corea. There are 37.000 organized miners In the Pittsburg district now. HEAVY LOSSES CHICAGO TO GET AFTER GRAFTERS Chicago, Oct. THREE DIE FROM WOOD ALCOHOL For Property of Lake Cities Electric Company. H sell at aui lion the plant and fran- chise of the Lake Cities Electric com- pany to satisfy foreclosure proceedings brought by the Metropolitan Trust company of New York, which holds bonds against the company to the value of ,000. C— The strike of omnibus drivers and conductors which began here Sept. Farrell was shot through and through and died In half an I hour. According to the evidence of William Freeborn, cuniluctor. lie and tae fireman hired a rig and drove back to the farm. who is president of thu Free Methodist college at Greenville, 111.. This was caused by wholesale filings under the timber and stone act made in this section, j and tlie outcome is cau.^lng the entrymen , who have proved up much anxiety." I It is charged perjury ha,s been com- mitted by many of the filers in .swearing; to the necessary government affidavits. He says he has never been paid for his services and fears that Bickford s relations, who were estranged from him for nearly ten years, will try to proba e the estate, and he, Le Cour, will be b'ft out entirely in the matter of wages. City Engineer I'atton will go to De- troit tonight to inspect tiie tar-mixing plant of the Toled C' Construction & Supply company, now In operation for ii0, and Mr. They embarked in a gasoline launch and, while in mid- lake sighted the little steamer, Olive, aboard which were Gheen and Gagnon bound to the trysting place. It will open earlier and be finer than ever be- fore.The great work of firmly establishing a gold standard wisely be supple- mented by modifications relieving the rigidity of existing law relating to the currency and the collection of the revenues, governmental action produc- ing at critical time.s disastrous congest- ions affecting the business of the en- tire country, should be prevented. The review was originally scheduled Wisconsin Fireman Killed In Wreck Near Channing. Among the senders of wreaths were Ambassador Choate, Senator Wetmore, Count Cassini, the Russian ambassa- dor to the I'nited States and the Pil- grims' club. Another 25,000 are being organized in the Irwin field of the district. Frick company is the principal operator in the region, but there are also large independent in- terests. 6.— After hearing an explanation from Mayor Harrison con- cernini T iho municipal "graft" charge3, th3 ngland, Oct. — Joseph t out from here this fiscal campaign, amid tion of good will from •men. Mis5 Chamberlain and Austen Chfirnbrrlain, acc-omp:inied the former .? The bidding for the property promises to be lively. Har- rison, son of the late President Harris- on was one of the principal stock- holders in the Lake Cities company and organized another company for the purpose of again securing control of the p Jant. 6.— Frank and ' Thomas Helm, brothers, aged 43 and 24 years resptctively. 24, Involving about 1100 men, who demanded twelve hours' wqrk (instead of twelve to seventeen hours) and time for lunch, ended today, the men giving up uncondi Uooally. Each one of the duelists has s«t- I eral sons and the end of the feud 1* not. and several of the passenger- • -l.e car, Evans, another •colored i I two colored women, got on the car at a late hour at Cam- ming avenue, in Superior, the evening of Aui|. M'hen the party got on Freeborn was collecting faros in the front end of the car. :ir i she was unable to pay the rent us itthe health authorities woula let nothintj go out from the house. in a row that followed, handled ^er so roughly that she received injuries from which she will never re- cover, i Mrs. White, the engineer, held a re- volver on Howard, the fireman beat him badly and one eye will be lost as a result of the attack. The bank i)urchased some pav- ing warrants given Contractor O'Neil on Kightii street paving. The bank contends tiie money was assessed and collected, but was diverted to other funds. one of the leading dry goods merchants of the city, has decided to close out his business. [la in ciiarge and mar y delegates and vis- I itors are in attcndai ce. I and should the land department push the cases, cancellations of entries and the loss of ali money paid would be the penalty. Patton goes lo Detroit to see it in operation so as to determine whether It will do the work satisfactorily and suc- cessfully. that can be drawn about from place to place by a team of horses, and Is just what the city wan ! The company is willing to send one of the plants here and! Filewood hailed the pilot of the Olive, anr com- TWIN BROTHER MAY CLEAR HIM. We have a l6t of slightly soiled and dam- aged dolls. We put them all on the bargain counter tomorrow at HALF PRICE.Of fine Paintings, 'Water Colors —beautiful hand-colored repro- ductions of paintings by famous artists. I5c A prominent mah of Duluth, whose name is withheld, has received an an- onymous letter from a man in Wash- ton, which discloses as bold, daring and resourceful a swindler as ever operated a green goods mill. If ZENOTA FLOVR la used you will always have sweet, light, nutritious bread and rolls. The officials of the school were greatly chagrined to be so out- witted by two gills yet in their teens and have made strenaous efforts to keep the affair a seret. The report shous a total expenditure of JGy[i6.26, against which there is an offset of $.'jr,.60 in receipts from the board of pardons and the saic of hav from the poor far n.New goods coming in daily, among them the finest pictures ever published. The au- dactiy and effrontery of the swindler is remarkable. The monthly report of th -^lerk of district court shows the Senic» »,b T re- ceipts to be 22.14. • ^ ^ ^ i blow to Soudan, as the stores there are want a renommation; that he was yearning to return to [dependent upon the mines for existence. Paul, against the district court of Ramsay county, a street paving case. Of this number twelve were stricken anci four continued. Ambassador Choale, Sec : White and assistant Secre- tary r of tlie American embassy, reprtfst'utt-d the United States. At least two or three comprehensive statements on the navy may be expected from Secretary Moody. ant'i others, offered their services, i and the hum of ti)e ttiresher went merrily I on. Kelsey Invited to Talk on ''Municipal Improvements." The Duluth Commercial club, last night, through its board of directors, nivited Al- fred Kelsey, of Philadelphia, to deliver his address on "Municipal Improvements," some time during October, llie dale to be decided by him.«elf. President Mc Gonagle was absent, having gone to the ranges, from which he will return tomorrow. William Bickford's House- keeper Taken to Hospital. Steele, de- { ceased, representing:, among other things, that she has- fully administered said estate I as special administratrix and praying ! settling and allowing the account of her special admini.'-tration. Dated at Duluth, Minn., the 5th day of October, 1903. The loundutions of the ovens were, of course, not affected by the storm, and «*4he work of tearing away the shed in prepui! Meanwhile the work of laying the gas mains west on Grand avenue is prog- ressing, and they will he ready to con- nect with the plant of the furnace com- pany by the time the ovens are com- pleted. He is able to speak in monosyllables and can recognize those about him. Creamery or farm butter In any quan- tity at Murray Bros.'s Butter store. Lightning flashed, thunder rolled and crashed, and the rain pelted down in torrents.

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THE STATE SUPREME COURT IS IN SESSION Has Fifteen Cases From PRESIDENT St. Of the cases on the calendar 43 are from Hennepin county, 40 from Ram- say and 15 from St. LAUDED The Republicans of Rhode Island Give Him Lav- ish Praise. 6.— Purposing to renominate all Republican state offi- cers now serving, and to name Col. Colt, of Bristol, as candidate for governor, the Republicans of Rhode Island met in state convention at In- Iwntry hall here today. CK ENGINE NEAR HELENA No One Now Expects the Government to Remain In Power Long. 6.— There Is practically but one opinion of the reconstructed British cabinet, and that is that Prem- ier Balfour missed his opportunity lo rehabilitate the character of his gov- ernment, and that so far as the Union- is^t policy at large is concerned, the ministry has lost most of its prestig;e 1 and authority. con y intelligent legislation, the industries and labor of the United States from the destructive competition of countries where labor surprised at Great Britain's c'nange oi attitude on the Lisiere question with- out adducing any new grounds there- for. i Paul & Milwaukee road, was crushed ; to death beneath an engine in a wreok : six miles north of Channing, Mich., I yesterday. The; name of the state which he has taken troops greeted with cheers this morn postponement was made for a two-fold j the oath of honor to defend. Governor Beckham will visit The following state ticket was nuani- Ing the announcement there would be, camp tomorrow, and to give the sol- rnously nominated: Governor, Col. The regulars took- orders to proceed to Fort Riley Sunday t: . .uu;itcment of a day off in a' for the maneuvers there. The (service which was fuly choral, was attended by the Earl of Kintore, (lord in waiting), representing King Edward; 'Mr. «.— The I upper court has rejected the appaid his b Ula^ .j S^ i^— —— ■ »m' "* yi M i m ' " ^ mm '■ T THE DULUTH EVENXNG HEEALDi TUfi SDjir, OCTOBEE 6. EVANS ON TRIAL Man Who Stabbed Motor- man Montgomery Is Before the Court. Atltorney General Knox will be to the fore as the exponent of the administra- tion's anti-trust policy. I Holmes Makes Restitu- tion to Many He Had Swindled. The housekeeper for William Cickfcrd, who died at the Red Cross hospital a few days ago, has been taken to the same hospital pending m examination as to her sanity. It is ordered, that said account be ex- amined, and petition heard by this court, ' on Monday, the 2nd day of November, A. West Duhith merchants and the citi- zens in i^enerul ai'e anxiously awaiting the r op'iiing of the plant and the Starling ol the coke ovens. John Cashin returned yesterday from a short trip to the ranges. The girls crouched under their rude shelter, thoroughly drenched and afraid. The inhabitants say it was the worst storm of the year.

The entire morning session was - the call of the calendar. J.)ufficld, the umpi:e at liie tri Uiinal to adjual the Gounaa claim.. It is tender, sweet and T)eau- tlful ami awakens that glad happiness of heart that follows upon a good thought, nobly executed. Clement in the role of liaron von Hohonstauffen, i.s tl;e per- .sonification of the simple, manlv and lofty character of the student and gen- tleman. He Is an artist and a thorough one Kelly's Big Furniture Sale includes everything in this immense store (except Globe Wernicke Sectional goods.) Thousands of customers crowd diis store every day snapping up the wonderful bargains. Seoreiary Shaw would deal with the questions of finance, which promise to be so important an issue, and might easily dive into the tariff problem. to liave him htre if there should 'be snow on the ground. Steele, deceased: On reading and filing the petition of Carrie W. U r ■ =^ J'ke formal S^pose of what's to be w^onn % fas Monabk womm in Hats, magnificent Tailor Gowns, Rich Furs, Evening Wraps and Outergarments of every sort. -i'|ilie interior of the building ig torn ih'r^ ii'il it ^vill all be altered and the tire-brit-k renewed. The shed, wi»i( h was built in sections and brought from the East. as 22m feet in length by 60 feet In width and 50 feet in height. Joseph Lutzberg, an employe of the Merrill & King mill, had his hand se- verely Lacerated by coming into con- tact with a saw yesterday afternoon. The girls crawled under the boat, while the fellows walked back to Tower to be on hand to allay suspicion and throw pursuers off the trail.

old.)— Two hundred lawyers from all ' ^^• t Frank M, poin* innesota were in attendance at t:.^ ., ..i;ng session of the state su- preme court today in the court cham- bers. Tll« only high grade Baki.i R Powder made at a moderota prio«T Mr. Wilson Rey- nolds, Harry Curtis and James Farland were realistic Indian.? Billy R'ibinson was very happy in the role of Orderly Mc Glynn and Thomas Hoir as Dr. It said: "Clay Clement's touching llfitle gem of a play, entitled "The New Dominion," is a love song by one who reverence.=i the emotion. One of these could be delivered in New York, while another could be delivered to the people of Chicago or some other city in that region. Kel- sey can not come during the present month the invitati')n will be called off as the officers of the club do not think it would be adyisabl? I / mm* i| :i^tf 'iflfi DULUTH EVENING HERALD: TITESD AY, OCTOBER 6, 1905. * The imi'iovements and alterations which ,^c l)elns made are inosl exten- sive. and the interior of the plant Awiil pi t-sent a very much altered aitr,i.iio;is before the beguming of the your, when the coke oveus are to be ready. Saturday, %vhkh played ha\oc with I he shed.s over the coke 'ovens, vvill prove to be a serious set- "back ti» the w,»rk. Behrents was Miss Susie Fortney and taught for some time In the Irvine and Bry- ant schools. She had a iarge number of friends in West Duluth to whom her death will be sad news. The boat was driven toward a point that jutted out into the lake about a mile and a half above the school. The boat was jmlled up on the shore and overturned to make a shelter for the girls, for they were to remain there over night.

HAPPENINGS IN BAKOTAS A Farmliand Dies From an Overdose of Whisky. A cor- oner's jury brought in a verdict that the deceased came to his death from drink- ing the liijuor. Chambers' contract witn the department s:ipulates that all orders for duplicate stamps must be filled im- mediately, and ifi order to comply with this he has his son-in-law. Jones asserted that the money was given him without his solici- tation, and that he felt that he had a perfect right to accept it. Two detectives happened to be nearby and caught him. THE SIGNIFICANCE In fixing up for the winter you need nails, paper, etc. We make all our stove pipe and you getthe best there is. The king's voyage is the culmination of our aspirations, giv- ing a solemn consecration to the hearty exchanges of good will between the F'rench and Italian fleets." Signor Zanarde Hi added that he re- ! All the other rtiills in the vicinity of Radsburg are also in operation, excepting the But:;e, which it is said, will open within a few weeks. While the general management of the factory i& under his personal supervision, he lea\es much of the routine to his two e^ns, who are thoroughly familiar with the work and its details. T^hambers is a great lover of his gun and spends con.slderable time in the field. for table houses— and some of the men i have saved money sufficient to send their children off to school. Enoch Weymouth, was for two years emplnved in the factory. There was a strict rule against the pupils leaving the school at night, but the girls al- ways found some means to evade the watchful eye of the matron.

a farm hand working on a farm near here, died Sun- day from an overdose of whisky. While all the work of manufacturing is done here Mr. If a postoffice Is burned there can be no transacting i)f business until new- postmarking stamps are to the offiee One can scarcely believe that the man- ufacture of these simple looking little hand stamps would require machinery sufficient to construct a locomotive, but A meeting has been called for Thurs- day next at which Senator Bailey of Texas will preside to form new trotting rules. was the result of an investigation grow- ing out of i-omplaints of insuranc* agents who reported that they were being held up by the clerk. thefts committed all over the country by a man known as Louis C. He was arrested here while posing in a Fifth avenue shop as J. The clerk became suspicious, and after some par- leying Brown made a dash for the street with the cloak. Wieland 4 Wade, Of King Victor Emmanuel's Visit to France. In which the Ital ian demmracy has always given the warmest support to friendly relations between P'rance and Italy, which is another pledge of European peace. No oiie rejoices more thaw I at this happy rapproaqhement. Cal., is now running with 175 employe:*, which is almost the full amount of men needed In the mine and mill. He is energetic and all business, but finds time to take an interest in politics and look after the management of a large farm. Grom Tower to the school across the bay was only a few miles and the fel- lows found it easy rowing when their inamoratas awaited them.

The party is opposed to the immense I trusts of the country, so far as they I inflate values beyond their normal con- I dltion, destroy competition and build I up barons of wealth on the earnings I of the common people, and it commends the courage of President Roosevelt and his advisers in bringing the operations of great trusts into publicity and their illegal proceedings to the bar of justice. He finds that the ' teacher named Frank Danieles was j tried by a jury, which found that tne punishment administered was slight and was deserved and- that the boy, whose name was Leo Wenchewslti, died of heart disease, an ailment which had troubled him for some time. The latter sent a large of violets with two small Am- erican and British flags entwined and draped with crepe. With these and the coke miners the district would have a membership of nearly 80,000, making it the largest regular distict of miners in the world. Hundreds gath- -oad station and alter- r he's a jolly good fel- d "Good old Joey," and ith you." Vain appeals 1 speech, but the only in that could be ex- e former seci-etary for ; in reply to congralu- ppointment of his son. Chamberlain admitted that there were a •"lot of difficulties before the party," but he thought they would "get through with them all right." Mrs. and William Conn, aged 4L died today from the effects of wood alcohol. According to the police the three men had been drinking heavily since Satur- day. She has one daughter and Senator Piatt has three sons. and when he came to the negroes lie asked for their tares. The conductor urged the matter, 'and linally one of the colored women hat'him 50 cents. She claimed that a few days aiier the fever placard was removed. rtikidis denied the charge of rough treainient and tried to defame the charade! The men left Howard unconscious and escaped to the Minnesota of the river. He will probably go east and engage in some other enter- prise. died suddenly at Montrose, commttied I suicide innstead. Mederl Be Remedies are sold and ^na- • iteed bj All Druggists In Dalatli and Iron E nges. Miss Emma Appling, a returned/ mis- sionary from India, iield a meeting for ladies only In the Congregational cnurch Hot Srtrings— P. Mapes, who wa.i sick with typhoid fever at tlie Siloam bath house," arose ;nd dressed .limseli' and left. Prosecution is also a possi- bility, but is deemed unlikelv. The Penlnj=ula Box aad Lumber com- pany, of Menominee, has" closed a con- tract with the Singer Sewing Machine company for supplying all the boxes and crates to be used by that manufacturing firm next, the deal involving about , $•^0,000. superintendent of the South Shore road at Marquette, and Division Freight Agent James Robert- ' sno, of i-ianccck, Mich., arrived in Du- luth this morning on company's business. to operate it at Its own expense for tlilrty days to demon- strate that it will do what is claimed for it. Also a lot of damaged toys and dolls, worth up to .75.!

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