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There is a level of uncertainty over people's identity and it's good to take caution with the personal information you share.

Just because a person claims to be a senior male or female doesn't necessarily make this true.

Unless we were taking a nap, we all got the memo about women’s beauty fading with age. The beauty is accompanied by an innocence that is lacking in older women. Why on this earth would an older man however virtuous prefer such a woman to a younger woman.

When it comes to women his age, they will ask for bigger things.While some people might volunteer or travel when they get older, others long to keep learning and educating themselves from the comfort of home.For many seniors, the Internet is a tool that can keep them learning and enjoying life using simple technology such as chat rooms.Paying rent, saloon bills, food and clothing are what an old wealthy man will pay with his pocket change.When he does all this, a young innocent girl will feel as though the man has just brought the remains of Pharaoh at her doorstep.Normally, you'll only need a computer with a good Internet connection and the ability to type on the keyboard.

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