Free sex dating club in kuala lumpur


I had met a Spanish guy up at the Jurong Bird Park, and he had been amused by the way the parrots there could count on demand, and dance through little hoops and so on.

Anyone hoping to cling to the myth that prostitution is fun or sensual should not visit the Beach Club Cafe, as the sex workers here do their job but don’t make any pretenses about the nature of the work.

The ever-friendly Backyard Pub is the neighbourhood's hangout place with premiership football and feverish fans every weekend. Like the Hard Life Cafe up at Penang, this is one place dedicated to the legend of Bob Marley -- and the continuous all-year flow of backpackers you would expect to find at a place called the Reggae Bar.

Paul's Place: 8 Jln 2/137B, Resource Industrial Centre, off Jalan Klang Lama, Old Klang Rd. According to one reviewer: "Bob Marley, the small cafe caters especially for the continuous all-year flow of backpackers." On the menu are all the foods you miss from home, plus a selection of Asian spice -- the night I visited I ate an explosive Thai soup.

Note that there are less exploitative places to visit in this beautiful Malaysian city, even right across the street.

There are plenty of great places to dance, drink, and enjoy a night out in diverse and cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur.

" That said, I would rather pass New Year amongst the press of the people downtown, than in a business deal style hotel bar. Our Cuban inspired , main meals and deserts are to whet your palette." Since this bar also doubles as a club (of sorts), you can see a longer description of Little Havana downstairs in the Clubs Section. For pool, darts, foosball and wine, you can't miss area and comfortable couches.

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