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The savvy fisherman will show his appreciation by periodically washing your car, filling it up with gas and changing the oil.

Maybe even run by the friendly neighborhood Dairy Queen for a surprise Blizzard. If you’re in the “honeymoon stage” of a new relationship, your fisherman probably launches the boat by himself when you go to the lake together.

Women are great at giving not-so-subtle hints throughout the year. Show me a fisherman who hasn’t taken a few deep, hearty wiffs of his hands after an all-day bass beatdown, and I’ll show you a liar.

Our stockings are stuffed with special fish scent-eliminating soap bars, and our birthdays aren’t complete without receiving at least one bottle of ridiculously expensive cologne that smells like cat urine and diesel fuel. We might even delay taking a shower at night because it smells that freakin’ good.

It’s hard to tie a good Snell knot with greasy hands.

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We’re constantly tuned in to water clarity, crawfish hues, forage color or flake color in soft plastic baits when we’re on the water.When we notice your nail colors, you can fully expect us to do one of two things: Compare them to our favorite worm color (Merthiolate, red shad, emerald shiner, etc.) or comment on how or why we could catch a bass with that particular color.Because we’ve developed such a keen eye for color, you won’t get that “I don’t know” garbage when you’re asking our opinion on an important nail color decision.Dating or being married to a fisherman takes a special kind of person.We’re a fiercely passionate and straight-shooting breed of outdoorsmen.When we see another dude with coon eyes, we know he’s an outdoorsman and a potential ally.

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