Groupwise updating mailbox decompressing


A method for detecting and eliminating viruses introduced by an electronic mail system includes polling the postal node for unscanned messages, downloading the messages into a memory of a node, and performing virus detection and analysis at the node. Field of the Invention The present invention relates generally to computer systems and computer networks.

In particular, the present invention relates to a system and method for detecting and removing computer viruses.

Each of the nodes 30, 32 is preferably a microcomputer.

Moreover, the interconnection of computers into networks has also become prevalent. 1, a block diagram of a portion of a prior art information system 20 is shown.Nonetheless, these approaches of the prior art suffer from a number of shortcomings.First, behavior interception is not successful at detecting all viruses because critical operations that may be part of the code for a virus can be placed at locations where such critical operations are likely to occur for the normal operation of programs.A computer virus is a section of code that is buried or hidden in another program.Once the program is executed, the code is activated and attaches itself to other programs in the system.Also of increasing prevalence is the use of electronic mail to access information. 9, an electronic mail system 200 is shown to include a plurality of client nodes 230, which preferably are microcomputers, connected to a postal node 232 arranged to facilitate electronic mail accesses such as those between the client nodes 230.

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