Has he lost interest dating updating multiple table

He reassured me at that time that we would still see each other on the weekends.Now its a different story now he's saying we wont ever see each other.

I needed my shoes though as I don't have very many dress shoes and I really liked those boots.So anyway fast forward a couple weeks things just changed over night.Whenever I text him he hardly replies back he wont answer my phone calls and wont return them.He was acting weird with his phone we were at a karaoke bar and he just left his phone unattended on a table in the bar and I told him I was going to go and put in my pocket because he's forgetful and would most likely have forgotten it there.Well he kind of jumps out of his seat and tells me to just leave it.He said that he just wanted to spend more time with his mom and dad because he knows that when he moves he wont see them all that often.

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