Heat validating system catalog


If your SCCM/WSUS/SCUP server has an outdated 512 bit certificate, any updates will fail to publish correctly.

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For System Center Updates Publisher 2011 (clean 2011 installation and 2011 upgraded from 4.5): You can create the digital certificate from the Options screen on the "Update Server" tab.The microsoft article is creating the certificate, you can now see the certificate is now greater than 1024 bit in length.On the SCUP/WSUS/SCCM machine, you will need to place the certificate in the Trusted Publishers and Trusted Root Certification Authorities containers.Microsoft patch KB2661254 changed the minimum acceptable certificate key length for windows systems from 512 bits to 1024 bits.Any updates previously published with a 512 bit certificate will no longer be valid.For System Center Updates Publisher 4.5: This program, by default, will create a certificate that is 512 bits in length.

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