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I found it all rather nice and very unusual to say the least, far different from hanging around with my rocker pals at Nicks Cafe in Forest Road, or The Volunteer in Lea Bridge Road.

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What had he told them that warranted so many police to turn up? God Bless Bernard HOWARD Hello, Ken, Not a bad guess - but wrong, I’m afraid. Barry RYDER Re the picture you posted – would the clock be the one that hung outside the Fish Bros branch in Hoe Street between Walthamstow Central station and High St?

My wife had a Saturday job there and that's where I met her.

The fish shop was only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and in those three days we sold 20 hundred weight/one ton of chips. It used to scare me though, as young as I was then, for I knew how easy it was to take a life, albeit unintentionally.

The lads saw that me and my pal had long hair, so beckoned us over.

They were a nice bunch of lads, and we sat laughing and joking about, and talking about the latest bands - or 'groups', as they were called back then.

Then we moved the fish shop back to the corner and sold No142 to my grand mother who opened it as a sweet shop.

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