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There was just silence.'Throughout her pregnancy Gabriella experienced an itchiness on her baby bump that she put down to a typical side-effect of stretched skin.

But the itchiness was actually a symptom of ICP which hinders the flow of bile acids, which are toxic to foetuses, from the liver to the gut.

She was born to the song Pachelbel's Canon in D which is just the most beautiful and emotional piece of music.'I remember Matty looking up and saying "it's a girl" and the sound I made was just awful, I have never heard anything like it. We had always wanted a girl.'They laid her on me but I couldn't even look at her.

I just couldn't understand how the baby I had grown inside me for nine months was here but she wasn't moving or crying.

She is my beautiful little girl and I want to remember her and for people to see her.'It shouldn't be such a taboo for mums who have lost their babies to talk about them.

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It feels so good to let it out and sit by her grave and have a cry.'People ask if having her photos around the house make me more upset but it doesn't.No mother should have to experience what it is like to go through nine months of pregnancy and leave hospital with no baby.But it does happen and people need to talk about it more.'Gabriella and Matthew, who discovered they were expecting shortly after they started dating last year, were picking up the final bits and pieces ahead of the baby's arrival when Gabriella realised she hadn't felt the baby move that day.Lose Yourself would probably go down as one of the best songs Eminem has ever done and it even earned him a Oscar for best song in a motion picture. He knew that he couldn’t be Eminem rapping forever so he had his eye for talent in hoping to build his Shady Records empire.He shocked the world when he announced the official signing of the hottest free agent in hip hop at the time(50 Cent). You truly had a potential 3 headed monster with Eminem, Dr Dre and Now 50 Cent.Doctors told the mother-to-be and her boyfriend Matthew Dalton, 25, that their baby had died arrest after being poisoned by high acidity levels in her mother's body caused by the rare pregnancy-related condition, intrahepatic cholestasis (ICP).

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