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Howard said that some people go on to be big after being on the cover of this one magazine. Howard said he should be happy he had 7 and now he has 5. Howard said she'd never be able to pick it out of a lineup. Howard said he ran a tight ship when he was a camp counselor. Robin said it's based on some mythology about a woman who had two lovers and a third guy came and cut off the cocks of the lovers. Howard ended up doing his George Takei impression talking about that. Howard said when he was like 16 or 17 and his friend was dating 13 year olds. Howard said the guy dated them because girls his age didn't date him. Robin said you should tell your kids that you can get in trouble. Robin asked if this should be taught to kids in their sexual education. Robin said this kid got caught because he was bragging about it to his friends and the girl got upset and told a school counselor about it.

Howard said his wife didn't do it but she looks at the cover wondering if they had to do something with this guy. Howard said the question is if she was doing him at all or was it a marriage of convenience. Robin said they had kids so someone had to do something. am After the break they played another George Takei announce where he asked Brad to turn his radio off and then said he wants to gargle Fred's balls. Howard asked the caller, Jose, if his girl stuck with him. He said the first erection after the surgery was the best. Howard said that's great that they were able to do the surgery and put it back together. Howard had Lee Kingsnatch on the phone to talk about the penis festival. Robin said she has something to go over with Howard. He said that his friend told him a 13 year old was into him and he was introduced to him. Robin read a story about the fallout of the Harvey Weinstein revelation.

He said he doesn't even want to do his show, never mind her show. Robin said Jimmy hid her in a room there and only Flavor Flav found her. Howard said he loves Flavor Flav but when it's 10-15 minutes from doing the show you don't want to be in a conversation with anyone. Howard said they are experts over there at Mr Howard said they have porn stars Austin Wolf and Johnny V. Robin said Trump is being accused of telling the mother of a soldier who was killed that he must have known what he signed up for.

Howard said he just said ''Yeah we have to do that.'' He said he basically lied about it. He said that Flavor is fine but he needs time to collect his thoughts. She said she saw Mariann from Brooklyn but not Howard. Howard said Ronnie doesn't know how to get rid of anyone. Robin had some audio of a woman talking about how he never showed any compassion for what she was feeling.

Howard said he thinks he's going to go for a couple of weeks and ask for a second chance. Howard said the other guy was voted out because he traded his screeners. Howard played a clip of Johnny in a movie called ''The Trainer'' where he plays a trainer. Howard asked about taking it in the ass and things like that. George said there was a time when they were but now it's more subtle. Howard said they have Jason Seagal and Orlando Bloom. George said that he's sure that Orlando is more substantial but he's not in full in that photo. Howard said that Fassbender showed it in Shame and De Niro showed it in 1900. Howard said Craig showed his in Love is the Devil and Justin showed his in public. Howard said they have Eric Andre and Shia La Beouf. Howard asked George what he thinks of Johnny V's cock. Howard read that mail and also had a negative reaction to the Robert Plant interview. Howard said someone was asking for more Medicated Pete on the show too. Robin read a story about Tom Joyner the DJ who used to fly between Dallas and Chicago to do shows. Robin said his age isn't there but they say he's been doing it for 25 years. Robin said if you escape from that you just move on.

Howard said he wants to be treated like Roman Polanski. He said they don't really kick a lot of people out. He said that this guy who was kicked out was going to be in The Godfather but he lost his job to the guy who played Sonny. Austin said the other guy was about a foot shorter than him and the bench was slamming against the lockers. Howard played the clip of Johnny moaning and taking it in the ass. He said that Shia showed his in Nymphomaniac and Eric showed his on his own TV show. Howard said they had to show him that he could do it from one location. Robin said Tom has announced he signed a 2 year contract and that's the end for him. Robin read a story about Molly Ringwald talking about Harvey Weinstein and a business run in she had with him.

Howard said they're going to have a special Cocktober event with George. George said he did have a hip replacement 2 months ago. Howard said it's great that they can fix the hip like that. He said he was working with a walker and then with a cane. George said he can and he's pain free and walks much better now. He said he's sure he's doing something with internment camps.

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am Show opening bits and songs included: A Jason Kaplan ''Quitting Marijuana'' PSA, a movie clip from ''Back to School'' with Sam Kinison and Rodney Dangerfield, a phony phone call to an electric company answering service using Wendy the Slow Adult audio clips, James Brown performing ''Papa's Got a Brand New Bag'' in the Howard Stern Show studio, Evil Dave Letterman announcing they have Billy Corgan coming in today. Howard started the show talking about how excited they are this morning because it's Cocktober and George Takei is there. Howard said that he had a dinner party over the summer and he pronounced guacamole like George told him to and people looked at him like he was insane. He said someone might come to his home and he might give them more than a gentle squeeze. Howard asked if he ever did it to anyone on the set of Star Trek. am Howard said he's following this Harvey Weinstein story and he's not sure how he had time to produce movies.

Howard said he runs around seeing these people who do everyone else's shows. Howard said he's looking for the microphones for these guys. Robin said the hotel security guard is coming forward and appearing on Ellen Degeneres today.

He said he loves Sandra but he didn't want to get into a whole thing in the hall. Howard said the people at Mr have gone through a lot of penis images and picked out a bunch for this. Robin said the security guard was the first one to come in contact with Steven Paddock. Robin read a story about President Trump saying that he doesn't know what other presidents did when military were killed.

He said because of that horrible things happen and we repeat it. Howard said they have a man in the White House who talked about grabbing pussy. He said he heard a story about Harvey jerking off on Angie Everhart while she slept. George said he doesn't think this kind of thing will ever stop. Howard asked if Harvey ever got anyone to be famous wit his power. Howard said in his personal life he follows all rules. After the song Howard said that was sent in by Fred Zeppelin. Robin said she just discovered something called the Penis Fish.

Howard asked if George ever grabbed anyone by the cock against their will. He said that his wife was a model and she was told that if she fucked this guy she'd be on the cover of a big magazine. Howard asked Robin if she's ever heard of a scab being cancer. Howard said his partner would never notice because he never lets his partner see his penis. Robin said when the whole Harvey Weinstein thing broke she thought to herself that's what people think Howard is. Howard said he has to get to the news because he has a full schedule today. Robin started her news with a story about a festival of the penis in Japan every April. Robin said she's not sure if Howard has ever heard of this. Robin said it can be a family of catfish that can enter the urethra.

Howard said they had Harvey in there and he asked him about doing the mogul thing asking chicks to blow him for jobs. Howard said she made it seem like it was no big deal. Howard said there's a lot of pedophilia going on too. Howard said he's not sure how Harvey had time for this. He said that's not the way to get them to like you. Howard said if he could have an honest conversation with Harvey right now that's what he'd ask about. He said he'd think you'd want to look at the women. Howard said he's not sure how you get naked in front of a woman and have them watch you shower. Howard said she gave up and tossed away her whole dream after that. Robin said he wrecked the ones who went along with it too. George was saying it turns him on that Johnny was kind of shy. Howard thanked the boys and gave them another plug before letting them go. Fred was playing George saying ''Viva La Penis'' in the French way. Howard said he thinks it would have to do with a male chicken as a cock. She said it could have come from either of those places. Howard said they got a lot of great feedback about Robert Plant on the show. Howard took a call from fake Harvey Weinstein audio clips and talked to him about this stuff.

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