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Do we really want countless numbers of criminals, welfare parasites, drug dealers and gang members pouring into our cities?

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And why in the world would we not want to control the diseases coming into this country?

Over the past several weeks, it has been documented that some of the illegal immigrants that have been apprehended have scabies and tuberculosis.

It isn’t an accident that our southern border is literally being flooded with illegal immigrants right now.

Newspapers in El Salvador and Hondurashave been publicizing how easy illegal immigration has become, and even the President of Honduras has said that people are coming to the United States for “Obama’s amnesty”.

Border security is a joke, the federal government refuses to go after “sanctuary cities” even though they are breaking federal law, there is a website that instructs immigrants how to sign up for welfare programs once they arrive in the United States, and the Obama administration has distributed flyers that tell illegal immigrants that their immigration status will not be checked when they apply for food stamps.

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