Internet dating scams on christian mingle


I think that anyone that uses this website that markets itself to Christians (or any website with Christian focused marketing) that these sites, from the onset, are more vulnerable because Christians are generally trusting (maybe too trusting). You can use secular websites (or and just indicate that you are looking for a Christian.

The worst part is that Christian Mingle don't check to see if the allegations are true because they don't monitor the chat rooms at all.

If a male has to borrow money from you, then they are not dating or marriage material. I agree with you as I have also met someone who I found was full of red flags.

The initial letters he sent to my personal email were written with much intelligence.

Christian Mingle is just as good as any of the other sites out there.

They cannot help the fact that half the people on the site are just looking for no strings sex, scammers or cons. The ultimate responsibility is on the PERSON THAT SIGNS UP!!

Glean through the idiots to find the one solid gold person you can date. At least Christian Mingle attempts to keep it clean and above board.

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