Intimidating names for baseball 8 simple rules for dating my teen age daughter

8, Philadelphia Phillies The Phillies are a sort of an un-mascot.It’s more of a nickname, and not a very imaginative one, and feels like a barely-thought out European soccer name (ie, Wolverhampton Wolves, Wigan Lactics) But it scores high on all my criteria and I like how unmarketable it is. A reference to the City of Angels, it’s specific, unique and highly unthreatening. 10, Boston Red Sox Another one that pains me, but the Red Sox name is so stupid, it’s great.

It’s quirkiness has been obscured by the team’s success. I liked their old trident logo, but the compass one is more dignified.

No other city could name its team the Astros (although the Houston Rockets took similar inspiration).

Astronauts were pretty cool in the 1960s – when the team was renamed from the Colt .45s – and the name has a fun, retro quality.

The image of a puffy-suited astronaut bouncing round the moon doesn’t exactly suggest winning baseball.

I don’t recall their ever having an astronaut mascot and they’ve gone through lots of color and logo redesigns (I like the one above best) but they’ve used the star in all of them.

In Brooklyn, the name was a shortened version of Trolley Dodgers (and before that, they were awesomely named Superbas, giving the Perfectos a run for the money), named for the borough’s street cars.

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