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The medieval parish of Irvine was one of the most important regions in Scotland.

Originally the site of the Military Headquarters of the Lord High Constable of Scotland and one of the earliest Scottish Capitals, it served as an HQ to no fewer than three kings. Morton stated that Irvine was a "Lost Medieval Capital" and a likely candidate in the debate about the Stone of Destiny and its location before it was moved to Scone.

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The loch was natural, sitting in a hollow created by glaciation.The town was once a haunt of Robert Burns, after whom two streets in the town are named: Burns Street and Burns Crescent.He is known to have worked in a flax mill on the Glasgow Vennel.Irvine Harbour is now officially closed as a commercial port and houses a small number of privately owned pleasure craft.It is also home to part of the Scottish Maritime Museum with numerous vessels on display, including the 'Spartan', one of the last surviving Clyde puffers.Much of the harbour went into decline in the 19th century when Glasgow, Greenock and Port Glasgow achieved higher prominence as sea ports.

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