Is craiglist good for dating Free american porn chat rooms


Come to think of it, I did have some bad/neutral experiences... This guy looked 15 years older than the 28 he said he was. Considering I was on CL to be anonymous, I had no interest entering a public place with someone I had no intention of hooking up with.

I've learned to ask for a full body pic, not just a face pic. Also, please let me know what the polite way to get away would have been.

After sifting through the emails, I was disappointed—too many men over 50 (out of my range) and even some photos from perverts. Thinking that my ad was maybe too dramatic, I varied it a little, got some responses and went on a few dates: twice with a pilot, then with a man who showed up drunk. My next ad — TALL, BLONDE LOIS LANE SEEKS SUPERMAN — read: Do you believe women deserve to be treated with chivalry?

Are you an everyday hero — you know, are you trying to make the world a better place one day at a time?

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But I absolutely refused to post or send one if it was my own ad. You can live through one coffee with an "ugly" girl, if that's who I turn out to be. It ends, and you haven't wasted your whole day thinking about it. Go to brunch, it's a million times better than dinner or drinks.

Some people look really good with some weight on them and much. That kind of attitude will send a girl packing even quicker.My was just to meet people — because that was also progress. It may take a while, but if that's what you want, meeting a lot of people will very likely get you there.And Craigslist is as good a place as any, if you know how to use it.I never asked for one either, since I was unwilling to give one.When I was answering an ad, I figured I should meet his terms, so I would send one if asked.One day it could be talking with a troubled teenager, the next it could be helping to bring clean water to an impoverished community. I chatted online with a few, but quickly learned to ask for their photo upfront.

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