Is scotty mccreery dating gabi dugal


In a second photo, the pediatric cardiac nurse, 23, flaunts her gorgeous diamond engagement ring that Mc Creery helped design.

Also included in the post is a snap of their family enjoying a celebratory sunset dinner.

“I’m very excited to become part of the Triple Tigers/Sony Music Entertainment family,” said Scotty.

She was also the flirtatious girl in his music video for the song “The Trouble With Girls”.

As for Scotty’s country music career, he released a brand new single titled “Five More Minutes” this past May as an independent artist before being signed with Triple Tigers.

“She’s a rock for me and understands me like nobody else,” Mc Creery said.

“And she’s really been there through thick and thin with me, and she’s just awesome. She’s another grounding force for me.” The two have known each other since kindergarten and have been dating for six years. Gabi Mc Creery” circled with hearts documenting the first time they met.

“They believe in me and my music, they work hard, and for being a brand-new company, they are already succeeding.

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