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She graduated from the Architectural Association with Honours in 2014 having subsequently taught at the AA Visiting School in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Summer recently undertook research into the work of Aino Aalto as part of the Forgotten Masters series at the Royal Academy.

Her work on public space, occupation and collective action in Brazil has been published in Blueprint magazine, The Architectural Review and most recently, Matzine.

Visions, Voices, and Fragrances of the Beyond: Sensory Aspects of Ottoman Tombs Although Ottoman funerary architecture has been thoroughly surveyed in terms of its formal and ornamental characteristics and therefore its visual aspects, neither its aural dimensions in the form of Qur’anic recitation and prayer, nor the customary deployment of fragrances by means of incense burners distributed throughout the space have received the attention they deserve.

Qur’anic recitation and purchases of aromatics for incense can be reconstructed with the help of the relevant endowment deeds preserved in the Archives of the General Directorate of Endowments in Turkey, as they document the employment and qualification of reciters as well as the expenses of the tomb-keeper.

We have also established a free Open Lecture Series for the members of the local community, including university lecturers and students, since 2010.

Inviting speakers from all over the world and delivering enlightening lectures on topics related to religion, Islam, Muslims and interfaith relations.

Drawing on the theoretical frameworks of sensory anthropology and soundscape studies, this lecture will investigate the interplay between the visual, the aural, and the olfactory in Ottoman tombs, by means of specific examples in Istanbul and other major cities of the empire.

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