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Sure, Ace Ventura does not compare to half of these movies, and is clearly more on the side of the bone-headed comedy that he was doing on In Living Color, but his talent is unmistakable.I first saw this movie when I was in high school, and I remember that I would ditch school and go to the theater to see it and I would laugh hysterically until my sides hurt every time I saw it.I trusted him that there could be something more than just an analysis of a making of.” performance, the resulting doc is a must-watch breaking down the footage that Universal prevented the world from seeing in the belief it would harm the original film's box office.Did Smith and Jonze ever struggle with the balancing act?There's something about seeing a slob at a tremendously rich party who just doesn't care about the etiquette of the rich people.Did anyone not laugh when he was `testing' the food at Ron Kamp's I'm-the-richest-man-in-the-universe party and stuck his tongue out at that poor guy next to him? And, of course, it only gets better with Ace's dealings with Lois Einhorn.

When a football team's mascot (a dolphin) is stolen just before the Superbowl, Ace Ventura is put on the case. Ace Ventura is the kind of comedy that stems directly from a TV show, and in this case, that show was probably In Living Color, where Carrey got most of his publicity before he became famous as a movie actor.“I think the goal of any documentary is to try to be true to the experience.We were juggling not only the making of and that crazy experience that had been documented but also doing a biography of both Andy and Jim and how this experience affected Jim going forward.Jako 15-latek opuści szkołę średnią, pracując w fabryce, a nocą występując jako komik w nocnym klubie Yuk Yuk w Toronto, lecz jego występ spotkał się z negatywną krytyką.Wziął też udział w programie The All-Night Show (1980).This is not the type of movie that is likely to win any awards, but you will remember the hilarious dialogue and Jim Carrey's immediately recognizable rubber-faced antics in this film that served as a spring board to his career, which later brought us many more excellent movies.

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