Jona bechtolt and claire l evans dating mate1 dating review


YACHT have made a video for “Shame,” the opening track off last year’s Strawberry Moon EP. Kibu Mist is coming soon, in an exclusive collaboration with P. We carefully mold our social media personas and frequently value posting evidence of a good experience more than the actual experience.Looking like something out of an LA spinoff of Portlandia, the video doubles as a faux-commercial for the “organic life mist” Kibu (which YACHT say is actually real and coming soon), and it stars YACHT members Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. I wanted to make a funny and subversive video about the pressure we feel to keep up a veil of effortless and abundant perfection.

As people started to slowly realize that the leak was nothing more than a wrongheaded publicity stunt, reactions to it were almost uniformly negative. Subjects of Interest: persisting in the eternal search for oblivion, achieving total self-consciousness, penetrating light years in a fraction of a second. Originated (in 2002) the metaphysical and corporate management structures which have given YACHT years of sustained growth, conceptual force, and stable leadership. Dropped out of high school to play drums in punk bands; earned a GED credential from the Clatsop Community College in 1997.They told an awful lie to thousands of fans, and these fans almost uniformly responded with sympathy and outrage, only to later find out they had been duped.Here’s the thing: it is easy to trick people on the internet.Yesterday morning, the Los Angeles band YACHT released a statement on Facebook saying that a sex tape made by the band’s two members (Claire L. "We assumed that we were the only people who would be privy to that video," the band wrote. The band later announced that they would "take ownership" of the video by selling it, and asked fans to pay to download it.

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