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Afterwards, collected data can be easily filtered and exported to Excel or CSV.“I use Fox Contact to both our clients and my web development business.You can avoid using a CAPTCHA, which reduces your conversion rate, and yet keep your website safe and spam proof.If you want to use a CAPTCHA, you can choose between a built-in higly configurable CAPTCHA, and Google re CAPTCHA 2.Flawless layout on all systems and devices: Desktops, tablets and smartphones, as well as i OS, Android or Windows.Developed according to the best practices and recommendations from the major search engines.Works perfectly with right-to-left languages, UTF-8 and non-latin charsets.Create autoresponders or automatically subscribe the sender to your favourite newsletter software.

I don't think they could make it any easier: you can have Fox Contact up and running in minutes.

Customizable layout with multiple rows and columns capability.

Create amazing forms in minutes without any programming knowledge.

Text inputs, Text-areas, Checkboxes, Dropdowns, Date / time calendars, single choices, multiple choices, and much many more.

Translated into 50 different languages, offers native multilingual contact forms.

It includes more features than all the other extensions we had tried, yet so easy to use that it blew us away.

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