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After Walker's death, filming was delayed for script rewrites to the story arcs for both Walker and Brewster's characters, causing them to be retired.

She next appeared in the independent action drama American Heist (2014), as the girlfriend of a man involved in a crime. A "giant fan" of executive producer Ryan Murphy, she remarked about obtaining the role: "I heard they were making it and I always felt like my aunt actually really looked a lot like Denise Brown, so my manager and I took a side-by-side photo edit of me and Denise and we fought really hard for it. Also in 2016, she signed on to play the regular role of Dr.

Todd Mc Carthy of Variety, in his review for the film, noted that Brewster did a "better job here than she did as a searching teen in the recent The Invisible Circus." A. Club dismissed the development of Brewster on-screen relationship with co-star Sarah Foster, writing that "D. The film saw the four actors portray friends driving across Texas who are taken captive by the Hewitt family.

Despite largely negative reviews, the film made US million worldwide.

There, she attended the prestigious Convent of the Sacred Heart, took an acting class at school, entered a student showcase, and got an agent.

Alums of the school include Lady Gaga, Caroline Kennedy, and Paris Hilton.

Warm memories: Jordana Brewster is featured in a new spread and interview in Boston Common magazine where she talks about her close relationship with the late Paul Walker.

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Brewster is a direct descendant of Mayflower passengers William Brewster and Edward Doty. For her performance, she was nominated for Outstanding Teen Performer at the 1997 Soap Opera Digest Awards.Brewster starred with Cameron Diaz and Christopher Eccleston in the independent drama The Invisible Circus (2001), portraying a grieving teenage girl who travels to Europe in 1976 in search of answers to the suicide of her older sister.The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and received a limited theatrical release, to a lukewarm response.Brewster lives in Los Angeles with her husband, producer Andrew Form, whom she met on the set of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, in which Brewster acted.They announced their engagement on November 4, 2006.On the growth of her character over the course of the series, Brewster explained in an interview with Ask "In the first one I’m more of a wallflower and it's much more of a girlfriend-type role, but in [the new movie] I’m more of a woman. I deal with the repercussions of living in my brother’s world." In 2010, Brewster made a three-episode appearance in Dark Blue, playing an art gallery dealer named Maria, and guest-starred in two episodes of Gigantic.

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