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Meanwhile, Scott ramps up his investigation into the sketchy procedures used by Gideon and the 13th.Technologies: Currency bill tracking with invisible color Gideon's con man father Joe (John Heard) gets in trouble with a mobster and turns to his son for help in exchange for aiding the 13th precinct in their takedown of the crime family.This is later averted when the bomb that the robbers were carrying detonated thanks to a hacker friend of Ada's doing her a favor, unbeknownst to Gideon and the police force.Technologies: Polygraph (via biometric feedback sensors in a chair) When Brandt goes undercover to collar an illegal weapons dealer (Tim Griffin) who has been supplying armor-piercing bullets to the drug dealing community, a problem arises with how to get a wire into the meeting.Later, Detective Murphy finds out that her ex-husband, Scott, is head of the mayor's task force to take down Gideon's plans for the 13th District.Technologies: Motorcycles with built-in spike strip The 13th District responds to a call from Murphy's friend, Linc, a retired cop turned security guard who used the APB app before he was killed by five jewelry thieves armed with AR-15s.

Meanwhile, Murphy's ex-husband Scott interviews Officer Reyes, who was shot during one of Gideon's first days running the 13th, in an attempt to take down Gideon's plans for 13th.

Vulture talked with Kirk about Uncle Andy's "classic" masturbation monologue and how he defends the show from critics. The stakes have been upped every year and whenever I hear, “It’s not as realistic anymore” — well, first of all, how many stories are there that are unique stories?

I watched the new episode earlier today and was thinking about the time I interviewed Alexander Gould [who plays Shane] when he was really young, and into golf and conservative talk radio. So when one says the idea that Nancy Botwin went off and married the Mexican mayor and a drug kingpin, and the realism sort of ceased — well, that’s someone’s story.

Um, I maintain to this day that, sure, Andy got, you know, something out of it — but the end result was him warming her up for Silas. Now, if he happens to get his rocks off in the meantime … Hey, the rest of that sentence was me asking you if you thought Andy is the moral center of the family. Um, they haven’t said anything to us, but they never do until we get started. I think that people want to — and by people I mean the people who make the show happen, not our producers, but the network and studio — I think they want to go a little bit more.

Mostly, I’m pretty sure that when we come to an end, we’ll be told before we write it, so we can write to the end of the show.

But there’s a kind of laziness as a consumer of entertainment, I think, to wish that something was repeating itself and doing the same thing. When Andy was first introduced, he seems on the surface totally amoral, giving hot gifts to the kids like stolen two-way pagers, having online sex with — Right away I’m going to challenge the idea that these are amoral acts.

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