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The first Janeen Mc Kay heard about flight cancellations was in a text from her brother back in Australia as she was on her way to Bali's airport.'I had nothing from Jetstar, they had my mobile number,' the West Australian told AAP.

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The area, which includes a much-visited Hindu temple on the slopes of the volcano, will be prone to deadly mudflows and lava.Careful studies of how the craters overlap other craters and other features can be used to develop a history or sequence of the bombardment on the moons and planets.Worlds with less volcanism or erosion or tectonic activity in their history will retain more impact craters since the planet formed.Worlds with more geological or erosional activity will have newer surfaces or craters that have been so worn away as to be unrecognizable.For example, the highland regions on the Moon have ten times the number of craters as the maria, but radioactive dating (explained in the next chapter) shows that the highlands are approximately 500 million years older than the maria, not ten times older.continue reading More Saint of the Day Saint Josephine Margaret Bakhita was born around 1869 in the village of Olgossa in the Darfur region of Sudan.

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