Liquid weather not updating


Place the digital display indoors in the kitchen, office or living room, where its built-in sensors will also measure temperature, humidity, as well as barometric pressure (key for formulating weather predictions).

The page will update when the connection is restored, so please check back soon. Though we are still collecting data, we are not able to transmit to the website at this time.

The Home Environment Digital Display can be programmed to notify you with a visual alert and audible alarm if temperature or humidity levels exceed a preset range in any area being monitored.

This important feature can prevent costly damage when monitoring your fridge, an exotic pet enclosure or fish tank, trying to inhibit mold in the summer months, preventing frozen pipes and more.

It costs thousands annually to maintain, calibrate, repair, and upgrade these sites.

View Mesonet Data We continuously strive to update and improve the education experience at our two museums.

No weather program I've ever tried, for Windows, Linux or OS X, comes within a light year of Seasonality.-- Al Fasoldt, The Post-Standard, Syracuse, NY. It does everything but control the weather.-- Mac360=====================================Seasonality Core is the complete weather center for your Mac.

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