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It was used in Italy generally until Pius V (1566), in the Doge chapel of Venice until 1808, in the Ambrosian Liturgy at Milan until Pius X (1911), and is still being used in the Basilica of St. Traces of it may still be found in the Invitatory (Ps.

The linguistic, critical and canonical value of this Latin version has long been recognized by scholars; its exegetical value, however, was small, and had gradually to cede to the important Latin translation of St. In the Eternal City Jerome studied under the famous grammarian Donatus, and specialized in rhetoric. Please be aware this may prevent non-ad features of this site from working properly, including social media icons, display of products in our store, and other features.[Close this notice.] The following two-part essay provides an excellent overview of the history of the Latin Vulgate, beginning with the life of St.About the year 374 he left with some companions for the East.Jerusalem was his goal, but at Antioch he was stricken with fever and was unable to continue his journey.Later he settled at Aquileia, and, together with his boyhood friend Tyrannius Rufinus and a circle of young men, followed a life of virtue and study.

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