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For example, a person convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) may have to give speeches to schoolchildren about the dangers of drunk driving.

To help colleges and universities advance their strategies and operate as a clearing house of best practices and resources, a national organization called Campus Compact was founded in 1985 by Brown, Georgetown and Stanford Universities.I guarantee some of you won’t graduate because of the community service requirement.You can be a 4.0 student and get into any college you want, but you won’t graduate because of the community service requirement.” Even without mandated community service programs, as the admissions process to college became more competitive, students were advised to complete community service in order to improve their chances of being admitted.In this type of alternative sentence, a judge orders a criminal offender to perform work on behalf of the community in exchange for a complete or partial reduction of fines and/or incarceration.Court ordered community service often accompanies some other form of alternative sentence such as suspended sentences, probation, fines, deferred adjudication or pretrial diversion.The program reaches to the highest level of the university, the presidents, to help drive the message through their cultures and continues to support the initiatives and events that drive student engagement in volunteer programs.

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