Mature female voice chat sire


Guile's lines have been written without any accent. After the kiddies go home, how about we go to dinner and the theater? Feel free to alter the lines as much as would make them more comfortable to say.

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With the marvels of science, every…everything can be controlled—l-like-environmental factors or even intangible elements such as the subject’s will to live! When she's happy, she's usually snarky or sarcastic. And, once in awhile, she can get carried away and have fun like a normal child should."...

When she's angry, she's either seething or furious. You're just being tough on me--to make me stronger and all that!

These are voice acting test scripts for each of the characters. " Cera confronting bullies to protect younger/smaller children."Teacher..feel it too, right? N-not that I'm scared or anything--but the little kids might be." This is during a scene where there's a sharp incline of psychic energy that's so strong even the non-psychics can feel it.

Currently Larkspur, Rori and Lukas are taken, and some of the others have voice actors who are in the running (their tests will eventually be up on the blog as well). Cera is nervous, but she's not one to admit to weaker emotions so she's voicing her concerns but keeping it clear that she's worried only that the other children might be scared.

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