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And someone was standing on the roof, staring at me.'At this point, Adam said he ducked down immediately, then switched off the light in the room.He then reached into his pocket to take a photo, which he shared on Twitter.The demon child apparently began appearing to him in dreams, with a mishappen, shrunken head coming to him whenever he fell asleep.

When Adam woke up he let out a sign of relief - until checking his phone and realising the pictures were real.

Still alive, three months later, he has shared his spookiest snap yet of the specter sitting in his bedroom staring at him.

The demon child is said to have slithered over to him from his chair while Adam was paralysed on the bed unable to move.

A flat owner claiming to be haunted by a 'ghost' he calls Dear David has shared an image of what he says is a demonic child staring at him in his bedroom.

Adam Ellis, of New York, says he is haunted by the ghost of a dead child who is trying to kill him.

'Right before he reached my bed, I woke up screaming.

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