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Rasputin was seen as "the dark force" who was ruining Mother Russia. Czar Nicholas II and Czarina Alexandra, the emperor and empress of Russia, had tried for years to give birth to a male heir.To save the monarchy, several members of the aristocracy attempted to murder Rasputin. After four girls were born, the royal couple was desperate. Finally, in 1904, Alexandra gave birth to a baby boy, Aleksei Nikolayevich.Yusupov was also considered very good looking, and with his looks and money, he was able to indulge in his fancies.His fancies usually were in the form of sex, much of which was considered perverse at the time, especially transvestism and homosexuality.Part of Rasputin's continued mystique is the remaining question as to whether he really had the powers he claimed.

Since Pavlovich was busy every night until December 16 and Purishkevich was leaving on a hospital train for the front on December 17, it was decided that the murder would be committed on the night of the 16th and in the early morning hours of the 17th.

The mysterious Grigory Efimovich Rasputin, a peasant who claimed powers of healing and prediction, had the ear of Russian Czarina Alexandra.

The aristocracy held negative views about a peasant in such a high position, and peasants disliked the rumors that the czarina was sleeping with such a scoundrel. Yet on that fateful night, the conspirators found that killing Rasputin would be very difficult indeed.

Yusupov would tell Rasputin that he could meet her at the palace with the innuendo of a possible sexual liaison.

Yusupov wrote his wife, who was staying at their home in the Crimea, to ask her to join him in this important event.

As for what time, the conspirators wanted the cover of night to hide the murder and the disposal of the body.

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