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This can be seen as disruptive to the game so there’s a rule in place that no one uses caps with the exception of acronyms such as LOL.Using punctuations such as exclamation markets or quotations are also a big no-no.Text the word LADS to 66365 - We'll then send you a text asking your age plus the age of the people you want to chat with, along with some additional information such as your post code. Charges will appear on your mobile phone bill for £1.50 for every reverse billed message you receive.This entitles you to send and receive 5 messages with other members.Respect each other - even if you disagree or dislike them.Hate speech/racial slurs/creeping/rape culture/violence are not accetable.We will start sending you matches of men in your chosen area to the privacy of your mobile.

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You also shouldn’t bring up race, ethnicity or someone’s inability to type the English language well or spell.

Sorry guys, you've got to be 18 years or over to use this service.

Contact details such as phone numbers and addresses are not allowed.

On the train, in the pub, down the gym - you can do it anywhere.

Your mobile number is never given out so it's private and discreet.

If it important that you as a bingo player follow the guidelines so everyone can have a pleasant experience without being booted out.

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