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That flight, Pao's exit voicemail Pao spent most of Thursday on the stand, being questioned first by Hermle and then by her own attorney, Therese Lawless.Hermle spent the time trying to dismantle the story Pao's lawyers have sought to tell.Pao says she was kept from the position because she was a woman.

On the stand, Hermle pushed Pao to admit that the sexual portion of the discussion only lasted about ten minutes.

A hedge fund run by Fletcher has filed for bankruptcy, and he has been accused of fraud.

According to Kleiner's brief, tax liens on the sale of the couple's condominium in San Francisco have been served on Pao's Kleiner partnership interests.

Hollywood stars have always set examples when it comes to younger women dating older men or younger men dating older women.

Many hot models and pop stars have dated and married older men and women.

It is one of a bright, hard-driving employee foiled in her upward trajectory by a working culture that didn't value women and allowed them to be harassed and retaliated against when they complained.

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