Menstrual dating

After seeing the practice of seclusion and the plight of these women, I have long been advocating that taboos around periods are not a cultural issue – they are a human rights issue.

Society should stop using religion as an excuse to continue the tradition.

The exact number of deaths in menstrual huts is not available but it is believed that dozens of women suffer and some die every year in the name of tradition. I was going to my sister’s house and suddenly felt the gush of blood running through my body”. “I kept asking question to myself: why am I not allowed to sleep in my own home?

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However, some menstrual irregularities can't be prevented.

In fact, it is not even about religion; it’s mere superstition.

In modern society, menstruation should be treated as a legal issue and women’s rights issue.

Kalpana divulges that she washes clothes but “I do not need to go to markets or urban centres, so I do not need sanitary pads that are available in medical shops,” she says.

“I have to walk a long distance to purchase a sanitary pad,” she adds, indicating the remoteness of her home village. Banishment for having a period is a form of injustice.

“Even if textbooks have included information about menstruation, we [both boys and girls] never feel comfortable to study chapters related to menstruation.

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