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Since he has a spanning more than 50 years, the sample size is large.

And since many of his films involve several fictional couples — who are often dealing with love triangles and extramarital affairs — we decided to highlight one pairing per film.

In the classic romantic movie magazine’s cover once asked “Why are leading actors matched with costars half their age?

” The magazine article suggested the possibility that it was because Hollywood directors tend to be older males, who are “trying to relive their youth.” But is the phenomenon of younger women in relationships with older men something unique to the culture of Hollywood?

We focused on his feature-length films, but not every picture directed or written by Allen is represented here; we included the ones with straightforward, coherent narratives (so, for example, that eliminates 1972’s We also tried to avoid redundancies when possible.

Allen tends to work with some of the same actors and actresses several times over, so when we could focus on a pairing that didn’t feature, say, Diane Keaton or Mia Farrow, since they’re represented elsewhere, that’s what we did.

According to , the forthcoming film finds a character played by 44-year-old Jude Law being accused of having sex with a 15-year-old “concubine,” played by 19-year-old Elle Fanning.

Young men on Poro married women around their own age.( doesn’t have a specific release date yet, so we noted Jude Law’s and Elle Fanning’s ages as of publication time.)It’s no secret that this particular trope appears in some of Allen’s films — though there are instances where it’s reversed, and the actress is older than the actor opposite her.But this graph illustrates just how frequently young women are paired with older men.The following group of films shows that the cougar's been around in popular culture for a while, that cougar/cub desire is a two-way street, and that these couplings can be good, bad, or downright scary. The movie focuses on the passionate relationship between a highly successful London dressmaker (played by Daniel Day Lewis) and a waitress (played by Vickie Krieps).We're not huge fans of the word "cougar" — used, for the most part, to try to humiliate women who date younger men (their "prey," known as cubs).

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