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Trump representing the United States of America is triggering for one in 71 men and one in five women, including myself.

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Costopoulos is one of many women who take self-defense classes at the Academy of the Holy Cross in Maryland.“My grandpa was always the one who told me I had to take a self-defense class,” Costopoulos said.“He said I needed to be able to protect myself and be independent so I wouldn’t have to rely on anyone other than myself in bad situations.”Livia Haines looked down at the table and blushed as her friends waited for her to answer the question – What is something you like about yourself?When not absorbed in contemplating the intricacies of human interaction, Elyse spends her time reading, learning languages, sailing, jetting around the world, and endeavoring to be a female dandy in the 21st century.Google When Jet isn't writing, helping her clients find love, or playing the French horn, she's usually glued to a video game controller or a good mystery.She is also a resident sex and relationship advice columnist at

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