Nervousness while dating


You’ll never know how your next relationship will be if you don’t turn up.

What’s more: this handsome, well-mannered and interesting man is my date for the evening.

well, suddenly staying home and watching Selling Houses Australia on a Saturday night seems preferable.

Suffering from an anxiety disorder can lead to feeling very isolated or hopeless about finding the right partner, but with treatment and strategies it doesn’t have to derail your dating life, explains Jacqui Manning from The Friendly au.

) of dating when social etiquette decrees you must pretend you’re only a little bit interested in each other, and are really not bothered about anything that’s happening.

Bonus points if your date has literally no idea how to handle a panic attack, starts panicking themselves, and you end up having to calm THEM down.

And there are few things that hinder the whole ‘playing it cool’ protocol quite like an intense combination of overthinking and paranoia. So yes, there are some parts of dating that are straight up terrible when you have anxiety. You know a GREAT way to craft the perfect Tinder bio?

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