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Some of the holes the needle made are still faintly visible.All but a single thread from the silver fringe that once edged the flag has been lost to history.It was the custom in the English militia for the colonel of the regiment or the new captain of a unit, not the cornet, to arrange for the flag.Thus it was not a member of the Page family but an officer of higher rank who designed and procured the flag.Tradition says that Cornet Nathaniel Page laid down his flag and went to work, and when returning to look for it ‘found the boys had got it and were playing soldiers.’” He took it up and went to face the British regulars at the North Bridge.While there is no contemporary account to corroborate this story, Nathaniel Page is listed in the official military rolls of the men who were paid for service in the American forces on April 19th.The distinctive floral pattern woven into the damask has been dated by textile experts When did the Page family first receive the flag?

Cyrus desired that this “relic of by-gone days” should be “kept for the inspection of the public at all proper times.” It has remained in the care of the library to this day.The building of an addition to the Library afforded an opportunity for a new display space for the flag.At the that time the flag was sent to the Textile Conservation Center at the American Textile History Museum in Lowell for cleaning and repair.This small square shape indicates that it was a cavalry flag.Into the rich red damask is woven a pattern of pomegranates, grapes, and leaves.The flag was still in the custody of the Page family at the time of the American Revolution, and it is believed in Bedford that Minuteman Nathaniel Page took it with him to the battle at Concord.

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