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Also dating is less formal which means that you are distracted without making it very 'ceremonial' and necessarily paying an expensive dinner.I have never seen guys here pull chairs and open the car door, that is considered too much.Here it means that the women is really interested if she complements you and say nice words. If she is interested she accepts easily to go out with you.Here it is not considered dating until you have passed the stage of kissing her and holding hands.Also in Europe, women don't expect guys to pay for the dates, in general "daters" split the bill or each of them offers politely to pay.Eastern Europe is different though, guys are almost always supposed to pay, lots of awesome women but lots of gold-diggers too As for the rest I don't see any major differences... There are times I've gone out with a guy, had a connection with him and then he's indicated that he's seeing other women.I've been told that the European attitude and approach to dating is a lot different: there are far fewer "rules" and games, and multi-dating is rare. For any of you who have lived and dated on both continents, is there any advice you can share?

So I would gladly trade multi dating for European dating culture, at least from what I've heard. French men....flirtation seems to come so naturally to you guys that you maybe don't even realise you're doing it. We were both smokers at the time, and she offered me a cigarette in the metro station. Go to the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, etc.But then again, you can go to any other country and the women there will still be better than American women.Until it hasn't gone physical it is just hanging out.As for the touching, I don't know if it is so different...What's typical is that you NEVER shake hands with women in France unless it is your boss or a client.

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