North korean dating


After all: they still call themselves the ‘Choson’ people which ended 2 centuries ago.If they’re still living in that era then I can only imagine what North Korean Kpop is like.😉 If you ever live in South Korea you’ll notice that most Koreans live in this ‘Korean bubble’. For example – Their language separates Koreans from the rest of the world.With words like ‘ouri nara mall’ (our nation’s language) and ‘adjoshi’ or ‘ajumma’ (uncle or aunt rather than older man and older woman) makes you realize how closed and protective people from South Korea can be. I can only imagine how people from North Korea are!I can report with confidence that North Koreans flirt, date, and fall in love just like everyone else.In fact, in many ways the rules regarding sex and dating are relatively lenient in North Korea.

Personally I would assume that they would be • much prettier than women from South Korea • much more conservative • more closed-minded • unable to communicate Discover why this would be the case and be prepared for if you do meet north Korean girls. In South Korea it’s no secret that the prettier you are the higher your chances of landing a job. Not only that but I’m sure that the Kim family have special ‘jobs’ for the prettiest ladies.Nearly 10,000 women are reported to have escaped from North Korea to China; Violent abuse starts in apartments near the border, from where the women are then moved to cities farther away to work as sex slaves.When Chinese authorities arrest these North Korean slaves, they repatriate them.😉 I also say ‘naturally’ because I don’t think that most North Korean ladies have access to plastic surgery.Granted I’m sure the upper class Korean women do (as the women in the picture) but that’s a different story.Not all kippŭmjo work as prostitutes—the source used is unclear as to whether only adult women are assigned to prostitution, or whether there is prostitution of children; other kippŭmjo activities are massaging and half-naked singing and dancing.

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