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This acceptance of inappropriate behaviour has been going on for far too long and it’s not just nude modelling – we all know the stories that have received coverage in the media with photographers or men posing as such over-stepping the boundaries, harassing and even raping, kidnapping and murdering young female models and yet sometimes, these warnings make no difference.

People still want to work with those photographers because their work is good – people still want to see Chris Brown perform because they like his songs.

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You only have to look into cases like Brock Turner and see that men with talent are allowed to do as they please with women because we are less important to the world, as human beings, than their skills are.

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However, I regularly have men contact me either totally out of the blue, or they currently shoot landscapes and they want to get into shooting for SG or nudes in general…. Where did you make the link from landscapes to nude women?

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