Nude nubian dating


Most "nude" shades don't go deeper than light tan, leaving a huge market of women unable to easily find their perfect nude lipstick shade, high heel or even their perfect invisible, skin tone-shade of bra.

But Nubian Skin has been working to provide new nudes for women of color when it comes to lingerie and hosiery for years.

We hope our brand allows all women to feel represented in the lingerie industry.

For years, women of color have struggled with the fashion and beauty industry's lack of diversity in makeup, lingerie, and hosiery.

The line’s color guide is super helpful as it matches its four shades (Berry, Café Au Lait, Caramel, and Cinnamon) to your complexion based on whichever foundation you wear.

“Fashion is such an important part of how we express ourselves, and the foundation of an outfit is the basis of that.

Nubian Skin launched last year in the UK and is has now crossed over into the US market via Nordstrom.After reading my article, Revisiting My Roots - Happy Nappy, I had a chance to speak to Ms. " I knew that I would need to save a considerable amount of money to fund the business, so I went back to finance.However, working in the finance industry is incredibly demanding, and it's nice making a good amount of money, so that was a bit of a distraction.When you're buying designer shoes and going on fun holidays, it's hard not to lose focus. My mother was instrumental in making sure I kept my eye on the prize!She is my biggest cheerleader and helped me get back on track.Redefining “nude” and making the term more inclusive meant our campaign went viral, and has had an influence — not just in terms of copycats (from smaller to well-known brands), but also with other parts of the industry realizing the need to be more inclusive.

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