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Then post the messages to go out during hours you should be online. If you use enterprise instant messengers like Microsoft Lync, your online status can be updated directly from your Outlook calendar.Outlook has a feature called “Delay Delivery” and Gmail has a plugin called Boomerang. For dealing with the responses, refer back to tip #1. In today’s age of hyper-connectivity, nobody will be fooled by the email trick alone. Create some “meetings” so that you will appear offline periodically.I remember in a previous life being able to add keywords into a meeting such as [In a Meeting] in a calendar's topic and it would update communicator's status.I believe it was a plugin that handled that feature, but I could be wrong.” Better yet, load up on some great sounding quotes from dead statesmen; Jefferson and Churchill are always good.Tweeting these out gives the impression you are working on something important.

Just be sure to filter these into the “important message” folder (see tip #1). Now, go make the reservations, start packing the suntan lotion and bathing suit, and get ready for those margaritas.

The good news is; You can still make Lync 2013 work with Communications Server 2007 R2. To make Lync 2013 connect to Communications Server, add the following Registry key: Key: Officially, this isn’t a supported configuration for Lync (connecting to Communications Server 2007 R2) but it works nonetheless.

If you are an administrator ready to deploy Office 2013, you can make the above change also via Group Policies.

Tip #2 – Next, pre-write some messages that won’t come back to bit you later on.

Some examples include asking for feedback on some new ideas you are working on, pointing out some new article you found, or congratulating people for a job well-done.

You can have calls rerouted during meetings and automated responses set up, but that’s a lot of work…and that is just what you are trying to avoid. For everything else, route voice mail messages to email. These tips should be enough for the average worker, but if you are an executive or if you want to join the ranks of the pros, you need tips #6 and #7.

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