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(HERE)The D7 3T (or the variant 4T and 6T) has always been one of my favorite machines.

It is well balanced bulldozer and will do a heavy duty job without tearing itself up in the process.

If you ever need professional assistance, with professional results, on exporting and importing to and from Mexico, be sure and call Tito Ingenuity with tractors transfers over to other areas as well.

We have shipped parts to Russia, and the mechanics and equipment owners there certainly exercise ingenuity and resourcefulness.Grimy Men may live in a different countries, be impacted by different cultures and circumstances, suffer through the various idiocies of our respective governments, but we're still basically the same.As Willie Nelson said (09/22/08) from Brazil, "Farmers are farmers all over the world." If you are looking for a Grimy Man, look for a farmer!But natural gas – CNG- and LPG are both readily available and inexpensive here." Alfredo is exploring the the possibility of a retrofit for some D8H/K models if he can find G342 engines. The Murray Ripper shown in the pictures reminds me very much of the early Le Tourneau designed pull type rippers still in use here in Idaho. While Otto and Lillie are not the traditional "Grimy Man" they know how things work in their world and ours, and they are people who do not "jump to conclusions". A joint effort between the University of Michigan and the University of Sheffield has resulted in Worldmapper.If you Grimy Men out there have an idea about alternative solutions please pass it along. Writing with humor and satire, you can also rely on Eric at When the election of 2008 here in the North was underway, we received a little extra help from the Peruvians. A thorough cleansing of our candidates is always in order. The Left Hand picture represents the world as measured by working tractors in use and the Right Hand picture represents the increase in tractor populations worldwide between 19.Each punctured tire took ages to be replaced if it wasn't written off altogether.

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