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If you’re ignorant to it’s existence, get out into the world and introduce yourself to it. If you’re not willing to bleed on the paper, don’t write.

This isn’t advice to writers, per se – I have no right to give any advice on this matter. What I’ve realized, even on my wee little blog, and on this page, is that if you’re not willing to put yourself, your truest self, on to the paper or article or page, then there’s no point.

Focus on the less superficial stuff, not how tall or suave or sexy you want your prospect to be.It’s the pride you gain from busting your ass daily that cannot be bought or paid for or rewarded, it’s internal and it’s priceless. It helps to explain, sure, but to explain doesn’t remove the fact that the problem still needs to be dealt with. You cannot coax it or fix it, you must destroy it, kill it, remove it.To ignore that evil exists in the world is to feed it, encourage it, enable it. (Read This: Let Go of Excuses and Find Opportunity)There is evil. We’ve all seen it in our lives if we’re lived just a little bit.Life is about focus, and in today’s society, with the endless amount of distraction, we have every opportunity not to focus. Have tunnel vision and success and happiness will be yours.A bleeding heart takes blood away from a thinking brain.Have a firm understanding that what you want in life, I mean what you REALLY want in life, takes effort and time. True gratification isn’t instant, it’s always at the end of an arduous journey. (Read This: 5 Ways You’re Being Willingly Emasculated)To be called simple is a compliment. His knowledge was focused and specialized, and for good reason.

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