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The team claims the men were sent to check on Harvey's well being, while the former All-Star player says the men grilled him after he opened the door in his pajamas.It's not the first time Harvey has been punished by the Mets for his behavior.The producer was also 'embarrassed' to admit that his inability to dance and sing like the icon has hindered his potential to 'moonwalk' like this famous father, while also confessing that Michael's iconic Thriller video 'scared' him as a child.Prince was just 12 years old when Michael passed away eight years ago and he has since kept a relatively low-profile.After this disappointing defeat at his first appearance at a world championships, Ohno returned home to Seattle.As the eldest child of the King of Pop, he has been incredibly private when it comes to his personal life.Did that give you an insight into having your life defined…by a much more famous man?“I think it’s that thing of being pigeonholed,” Bonas responded.

In April 2006, a statement was released on behalf of Bahrain music label Two Seas Records announcing he would record a new album for release in 2007.Ohno's days were spent with morning swimming practices, followed by schooling, and finally skating practices in the afternoon.When Ohno was 12, he won the Washington state championship in the breaststroke but preferred inline speed skating over swimming.“He’s at the age where he’s noticing the pretty girls, and they’re starting to notice him too,” Tito says, revealing that the two met at school.Tito, who describes Prince‘s childhood as “normal,” also adds that MJ‘s son is on the basketball team and playing football.“This is very serious business,” the online dater warned in the message.

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