Orthodox dating shomer negia dating site for friends only

The MODERN orthodox singles have gentrified the Upper West Side of these hybrd Jews trying to hold down the fort and prevent a possible vote to make the mechitza higher at the Jewish Center, the UWS singles scene fears the modern OROTHODOX philosophy and wishes to retain their stats as tefilin date capital of the world.Other places where this strange breed of Jew exists are Teanack, Passaic, Kew Garden Hills, and Far Rockaway.The food is the main problem, they arent as frum as the yeshiva crowds so they tend not to serve only brown foods, but unlike the modern liberal crowd they also tend to be less familiar with the culinary arts, and tend to poorer anyway.We have to assume that homemade gefilte fish as well as oily crunchy potato kugel will be absent, as well as spinach salad and bok choy salads.This group also tends to be friendly towards Lubavitch- which is one of the main ways you can tell the difference between them.They tend to have Tanyas and other Lubavitch seforim adorning their shelves and although I know the real yeshivish people will judge them even more, I have even seen the Rebbe picture sitting side by side with pictures of Rav Shach and Rav Elyashav.It just seems that the largest part of the group are these new hybrids that have upward social mobility from the lower environs of the MODERN orthodox and have finally been able to set their sites on RAL orthodoxy as many will say- though I disagree.The older modern orthodox machmir crowd tend to also fall into ask shifras category of oldschool orthodox Rabbis with college educations, mixed seating at all events, going to movies and having non-Jewish friends.

These hybrid yidden tend to live in Washington Heights, some small clusters of them reside on the Upper West Side, though it seems that this area is trying to prevent the influx of them by keeping the costs high and the ability to meet frummies low.

Kiddush clubs are not too popular so too talking in shull, which may set the machmir from the liberal apart.

The shabbos davening tends to have a frum feel, people know the brachos for the torah by heart unlike those who are more liberal and have to use the cheat sheet.

Modern orthodoxy has changed in recent years, back when I was growing up modern orthodox pretty much encompassed everyone I knew besides my ultra orthodox cousins in Monsey.

We wore shorts and T-shirts on shabbos while playing ball in the afternoons, we went to movies concerts and even watched TV on Saturday afternoons when my father was learning in shull, carrying on shabbos was totally cool and there was absolutely nothing wrong with having a girlfriend.

Then they can totally base how good the cholent is based on the yeshiva.

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