Outlook ics calendar not updating Malcolm strachan on dating


The Un Register does add the unregistered entry but it still also remains in the Attendees list.

Then the check for a new Register always tell that you are still registered and shows the Un Register and hides the Register link.. I think it should be deleted in Attendees when unregistering, shouldn’t it?

The “User Name” field has a default value assigned from the “User Information List” query, mentioned above earlier.

After it does the query, you can set the default value.

This means that recipients will not be able to see who else the message was sent to and will not be able to reply-all.The following is the Java Script to accomplish the duplicate check.=============== Beginning of Script to check for duplication =================================== End of Script to check for duplication ========================Hope this helps you out in the right direction.Create a Query String for Un Register List Use the same steps you did for Attendees list and apply the steps to the Un Register list Copy / Add / Modify to current Java Script Open your current Java Script from the blog and copy the first function that has the Open Land LRegistration, copy that entire function and paste it.$filter=(Meeting ID eq ” calendar Id “) and (Username eq ‘” encode URIComponent(Login Name) “‘)”, Probably the last issue ….:-))Now the only thing I have left, is that…on Un Registering, the user stays still within the Attendees list after Unregistering.If it’s their second attempt it will display the Duplicate view.—————————————————————————————————————–Now with the update that I have done with moving from a list view to a calendar view, I can now use a Java Script to do my duplicate registration check in the displayform template, instead of in the Info Path form and based on the results it will either display the “Register” hyperlink or the “Un-Register” hyperlink.

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