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It is the first independent review of sex of behind bars and they found that female prisoners have been coerced into sex with staff for favours, such as alcohol and cigarettes.

As a former prison officer that has worked in both a male and female prison I have a few views on this report.

The most popular being that of a male inmate bending down in the shower to pick up the soap.

Or perhaps you think of the horrific rape scenes in Scum or The Shawshank Redemption.

If you’re considering a relationship with a man behind bars, you should keep in mind that while you may be able to say that you have someone in your life; it may also be a rather lonely existence.

You’ll still be watching movies alone or with friends, spending Valentine’s Day alone unless it happens to be visiting day, and pretty much all other special or important occasions by yourself.

Firstly, I am not sure how accurate these studies ever are.

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They come from all walks of life and most of them could have a very “normal” and happy life with someone on the outside of prison.

Unless you are a fan of Orange is the New Black or the updated version of Prisoner Cell Block H – Wentworth then female inmates may not immediately spring to mind.

However the Howard League for Penal Reform has recently published a report that investigated sex between female inmates and staff in England and Wales.

If all you need is a voice over the phone or talking face to face a few times a week, this may be the relationship for you.

When you speak about sex in prison a few images come to mind.

Although The Prison Service has said that it doesn’t condone sex in prisons, it is powerless to stop it.

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