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Hi Heather - My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for a little over a year, and though we have not had sex, I know there are parts of our relationship that aren't so pure.

We want to be sexually pure in all ways, but are having difficulty.

Your sheer desire to love your boyfriend and vice versa should help move both of you from stage 2 into stage 3.I specifically told them they have the right and duty to ask me these questions.Also, on a formal level, I have a small women’s prayer group that I connect with every two weeks.If you see this as, “Darn, I’ve got to do more for God,” then you might want to step back and wait until you’re ready.The way I try to see it is that I’m a pretty miserable sinner and without His grace, I’m lost, lonely and clueless. That’s why I’m always trying to strengthen my relationship with Jesus, especially when I know I need him.I made a commitment to one silent hour of prayer each week in Eucharistic Adoration (in addition to my daily prayer time). I know a lot of these suggestions are Catholic, but, if you’re not Catholic, you can find other ways.

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